LMRS is a Basic Life Support (BLS) squad, servicing Apolacon Township, Little Meadows Borough, Middletown Township, Friendsville Borough, and Warren Township.

We currently have 21 members, most of whom are considered active members.

We run approximately 100 calls per year. These range from fire response, medical, MVAs, mutual aid, to standby.

The Rescue Squad was initially formed in 1973. Fully operational assistance was started on January 18, 1974.

The 1974 officers of LMRS were:

President: Chuck Darrow

Vice President: Jason Wilkes

Secretary: Donna Richter

Treasurer: Carl Ernst

Chief: Leo Purtell

Asst. Chief: Jaimie Wagner

Voted in for assistant treasurer------Elton Winski

Voted in for assistant secretary-----Carol Ludington