Below are some important features of our ambulance, LM3:

LM3 is a Horton Ambulance built on a 2002 Ford E 450 chassis and is powered by a 7.3 Turbo Diesel engine.

It is equipped with spot or drop chains for use in slippery conditions, emergency warning lights and siren, external PA and a back-up camera to provide improved safety in backing.

There is an on-board inverter for converting DC to AC power for recharging portable radios, batteries for hand-held equipment like the pulse oximeter and on-scene power for
lights and other purposes.

For communications, there is a VHF low-band radio for communicating with Tioga County, NY units which including Apalachin & Campville ALS.

The VHF hi-band radio is used for the hospital HEAR frequencies used by NY hospitals, Susquehanna and Bradford County Fire frequencies, communicating with Susquehanna County 911 center and Broome County, NY, ALS (Vestal, Union, Superior) units.

The third radio is for UHF Med 9 frequencies that are used to communicate with the Bradford County 911 center, PA hospitals and ALS units
such as Memorial and Greater Valley.

Other equipment includes a 500 pound capacity track-stair chair, a 650 pound capacity stretcher, Reeves and scoop stretchers and back boards.

Also a wide range of splints and bandaging materials are carried.

There is on-board and portable Oxygen, on-board and portable suction and a Automated External Defibrillator for use in respiratory andcardiac emergencies.

There are epi-pens for anaphylaxis, liquid charcoal for poisoning and oral glucose for diabetic use.

There are 4 sets of Turn-out gear for use in Motor Vehicle accidents and other hazardous circumstances.

LM3 is licensed by the PA Department of Health and is reinspected every three years for compliance to DOH requirements.

LM3 meets all requirements and exceeds them in some areas.